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About Us

REM Sites is a new suite of web based services offered by Real Estate Mapping, Inc.

Real Estate Mapping, Inc. (REM) is an information services company that specializes in the utilization of geographic information systems (GIS) for real estate professionals. In brief, GIS is computer mapping and the visualization and retrieval of information through a mapping interface. We have developed several mapping products for realtors and real estate information consumers. Visit for more details about REM products and services.

Through our experience working with real estate information of all types, including MLS data, public records data and all levels of geographic data, we have developed a most extensive knowledge of this information and the utilization of this data through websites and applications.

Through our experience working closely with many real estate clients, we have developed an extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and the business of real property sales and leasing.

Our experience working with realtors and real estate agencies in particular has made us aware of the necessity for better information products and services. We have learned that the best way to deliver these products and services is through local agency and agent specific websites.

We know that realtors, above all, need affordable website products. They need websites with which they can customize the layout, to create a distinct look and feel. They need clear and consistent branding. And they need to be able to specify individual functions and features that they want on their own site.

We also understand that realtors are not technologists. Their strength is in dealing with people who are buying, selling or renting real estate. Struggling with complex MLS data extraction, data formatting and standards is not their forte, nor should it have to be.

From this experience and understanding, we endeavor to assist real estate professionals in their efforts to create more and better exposure for their company and their inventory of properties on the Internet. REM Sites, and these products and services, are created for this purpose.

We have been developing websites and Internet information products for almost 10 years. We have developed general consumer websites as well as back office research applications.

Please take a few minutes to review our site and see if you think we can help you and your office.

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